Quarterly Global Titans Fund review - Dec 2017

A solid fourth quarter concluded one of their stronger recent years in equity markets. A big driver of returns was the forthcoming corporate tax cuts and the strength of US corporate earnings. Among developed markets, Japan was a standout, supported by October’s snap election which produced a clear majority for Prime Minister Abe’s ruling coalition. Emerging markets led global markets for the quarter and the full year. European markets underperformed during the quarter. Volatility continued to remain very low. During the quarter there was a continued shift in monetary policy towards tightening. The US is leading the way with 3 interest rate rises expected by the market in 2018 in line with

Monthly Fund Commentary - Dec 2017

Global Titans Fund Commentary Global stocks rose in local currencies amid strong corporate earnings growth, improving world economic data and a fourth-quarter surge in merger-and-acquisition activity. Political events also helped propel markets higher as investors cheered tax cuts in the U.S. and the re-election of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in Japan. Information technology stocks provided the largest gains. Basic materials stocks also rallied on a brighter outlook for global economic growth. Heath care, utilities and telecommunication services stocks lagged the overall market. The Fund’s unit price decreased by 1.55%, after the cost of protection, in December. The performance was driven by

News & Views - SQM Research verdict on Insync Global Titans Fund

Insync Fund Managers’ Global Titans Fund has been awarded ‘Favourable’ Approved Investment Grade by SQM Research. The Insync Global Titans Fund aims to deliver global equity-like returns over rolling five year periods, whilst providing unique downside protection in severe market falls. Insync’s founder and CIO Monik Kotecha said the rating confirmed the company’s position in providing risk benefits for advisers in equity portfolio construction. “We are delighted to receive this rating. The benefits of our Quality style of equity investing and Megatrends approach combined with our downside protection feature is likely to deliver strong absolute returns over time,” Mr Kotecha explai

BREAKING NEWS - Global Titans Fund performance

19.77% (1 year to October 31st) after the cost of its unique downside protection (not found in other international fund offerings). This return is directly comparable to many other Long-Only unprotected funds in this sector yet has the added ‘peace of mind’ of downside protection against large falls in the market. Over its 5 year rolling monthly objective it has outperformed again its MSCI benchmark after fees posting 14.61% p.a. Over 5x the rates of inflation and cash proving our Quality style of investing delivers results. Delighted to deliver these returns for our investors and looking forward to another prosperous year in 2018.
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