Global Titans Surges Ahead

A stellar 12.39% AFTER fees and protection over rolling 5 year periods. Year end April 30th More market volatility in April and continued strong results for the fund. 2.06% for the month, AFTER fees and protection. 13.5% return for the year end April, AFTER fees and protection, outdoing the benchmark by 21 bps. Considering that investors enjoy protection with this result and not with the index, this is a solid outcome. For the last 6 months the result was 6.44% compared to the benchmark of just 5.25%. 108 bps out-performance. Global Titans continues to perform well as markets return to their more usual gyrations. The really big threat to investor portfolios ahead...... Its not, Trump, Chin

Quarterly Insights - May 2018

What can we learn from the last quarter Investing in China’s travellers. A $100+ Billion Grand Theft. Emerging pressures impacting stock prices, and it's baaaack…. after a long absence a market fundamental. Plus each quarter we highlight a key megatrend® and a stock we hold residing within it. To cap-off we take a 'Clint Eastwood' view of the portfolio and the year ahead in general. It's baaaaaaaack.......... Volatility. (Not Johnny from The Shining that is). Back after an unusually long hiatus for many years. Insync's approach greatly benefited from this market fundamental's return delivering results above most of our peers. From January a noticeable increase in volatility in equity mark

Monthly Fund Commentary - Mar 2018

Global Titans surges ahead! Strong approach to risk see returns strongly outperforming. Whilst March witnessed market declines (the same too for the calendar year to date), Insync’s Global Titans Fund has performed well. A combination of its disciplined ‘quality at a reasonable price’ stock selection, use of our unique Megatrends® and a strong focus on risk management drove this outcome. Click here for more on Megatrends® A return to more normal levels of market volatility amid investor worries about rising interest rates, mounting inflation pressures and escalating trade tensions between the U.S. and China, sent developed-market stocks reeling at various times throughout the quarter. Meanw
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