House of Mickey Mouse flicks Netflix

Walt Disney – Content and platform powerhouse in a highly disrupted media sector The disruptor of Pay-TV and TV, Netflix is itself now facing a serious disruptive threat. Its rise had been extraordinary, and what many may not know, early in its development Netflix approached Blockbuster Video (remember them?) to be bought out, only to be laughed off by Blockbusters arrogant executives. 3 years later Blockbuster was no more. The disruption Netflix has created is quite extraordinary. Formidable media businesses in the United States such as Comcast, Discovery Communications, Time Warner and Viacom have been under increasing stress to cope with the pace and magnitude of the disruption its wreake

Insync April 2019 Fund Commentary

Performance Commentary April was a big month for markets and even better for Insync investors. Global equity markets overall rose strongly in April, (MSCWI +4.38% in AUD) upon encouraging economic data and continued dovishness by central banks. Corporate bonds outperformed government bonds seeing the MSCI world bond index also strongly increasing by +3.2%. Equity Growth investment styles thus continued the Q1 trend of outperforming Value styles. US equities advanced (+4.1% in USD), supported by strong labour market data as well as better-than-expected Q1 GDP growth (3.2% annualised, -up from 2.2% Q4 2018). Corporate earnings generally remained robust. Google was a standout on the negative po

Adidas Runs Ahead - Athleisure, 3D Printing and Personalisation

$4,000,000,000,000. This is the Health & Wellness industry market size today and it will continue to expand for the next 30+ years. It’s now a mainstream Megatrend greatly influencing consumer buying patterns, spanning across generations and consumer demographics. It is anyone and everyone who wants to be healthy, happy, look good, engaged, productive and active. This Athleisure Megatrend is just one of the tailwinds behind Adidas. As each year passes increasing numbers of consumers across all ages, cultures and income bands are being drawn to athleisure apparel. This growth can be seen in this chart, where the athletic apparel and footwear category has gained 8% points share, from 23% of th

A Not So Ultimate Future for the Ultimate Driving Machine

Disrupted, cyclical and with poor profitability: Some very prominent Fund Managers invest in BMW- we don’t, and here’s why; The automotive sector is facing both structural demographic and industry headwinds BMW itself is not an attractive investment Given all the hype surrounding the trend towards autonomous and electric cars, surely it’s going to be a boon for the industry? So we took a trip to Germany; to investigate arguably the best and brightest in car manufacturing and technology. We engaged competitors, researchers, technology suppliers and others; and as always did our numbers. The greatest problems for the industry no matter the engine type At Insync understanding the impact of glob
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