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Wash your hands, it's time to start picking through the long term opportunities
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About Insync Funds Management
Future Focused Investment Process

Our investment process has an intense focus on analysing data points, looking for changes in patterns and valuing businesses on a forward-looking basis.

Two Fund Options - Long Only and Protected

Insync offers investors the opportunity to invest via our Global Quality Fund or via our Global Capital Aware fund which features Put Option Protection

Investor Aligned

The management and staff of Insync Funds Management are investors in the funds. We believe that  alignment with our investors is very important

No Performance Fees

As investors in the funds we understand that performance fees can have an adverse effect on the performance of the funds

Insync was founded in 2008 by Monik Kotecha & Garry Wyatt

We wanted to deliver something different, enduring and worthwhile for investors. Whilst we honed our skills at the 'big end of town' we believe better investor outcomes can be derived from within a smaller more nimble enterprise. We achieve the essential scale benefits by outsourcing to reputable large scale service providers for the support infrastructure necessary. 

Why Invest With Insync?

Why Invest With Insync?

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