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Insync Fund Managers’ Global Titans Fund has been awarded ‘Favourable’ Approved Investment Grade by SQM Research. The Insync Global Titans Fund aims to deliver global equity-like returns over rolling five year periods, whilst providing unique downside protection in severe market falls.

2017 year in review: performance objectives met and ~20% returns

12 Dec 2017 – Global Titans Fund again meets its performance objective AND also posts near 20% return for the year. 19.77% (1 year to October 31st) after the cost of its unique downside protection (not found in other international fund offerings). This return is directly comparable to many other Long-Only unprotected funds in this sector yet has the added ‘peace of mind’ of downside protection against large falls in the market.

Power brands and megatrends – Reckitt Benckiser

31 August 2017 – Reckitt Benckiser (RB) is a beneficiary of 2 powerful global megatrends; the rapidly growing middle class in developing countries and the increasing demand for OTC healthcare products because of the rapidly ageing population. There has been an increasing secular trend towards self-medication which is being increasingly supported by governments keen on reducing their respective healthcare bills

The London Stock Exchange (LSE) – don’t let the name fool you

19 May 2017 – LSE is one of the oldest stock exchanges founded in 1801. Today, LSE is not really a stock exchange any more, with the bulk of its business no longer based on shares nor on trading.

Why too many investors buy at highs and sell at lows: recency bias

7 May 2017 – Recency bias is our tendency to expect whatever we have recently encountered to persist in the future.  When things are going well, we tend to expect them to continue going well.  The opposite is also true.

Insync Funds Management Appoints Portfolio Manager John Lobb

22 March 2017 – John has over 25 years of analytical and portfolio management experience. Previously he had worked at Bankers Trust Australia, Citigroup Global Asset Management and Credit Suisse Global Asset Management.

Comcast – Growth in demand for high speed data

10 November 2016 – Comcast Corp is a global stock benefiting from demand for high speed data as the number of internet users around the world now tops 3.4 billion, according to Internet Live Stats (2016).

Medtronic – The downgrading of global growth by the IMF is not hurting all businesses

27 October 2016 – Medical device companies are expected to continue growing at close to twice world growth rates as ageing demographics are growing the healthcare sector faster.

Heineken – Strong positions in markets where the demographics are the strongest

27 October 2016 – With low per capita consumption, good population growth and a positive GDP outlook, Africa offers one of the best long-term volume opportunities in beer.

Microsoft – Cloud computing is a megatrend

17 October 2016 – Cloud growth rate is six times higher than world GDP, with Microsoft quickly emerging as the most important cloud computing firm.

Our people – insync Fund Managers appoints new BDM

26 July 2016 – Sydney-based firm, insync Fund Managers, has appointed Yu Ming Cawthorn as the Business Development Manager for its flagship fund the insync Global Titans Fund.

Downside protection critical for offshore investing

30 May 2016 – Actively managing the downside risk is just as important as identifying stocks that produce consistent returns while they ride the latest megatrend.

The silver economy shines for long term growth in portfolios

6 April 2016 – While Australians can invest in some excellent local healthcare companies, there are limitations. For instance, they tend to be narrow product device companies.

Global Biotechnology is identified by Insync as a megatrends

5 April 2016 – Bio Tech ‘fits’ well into portfolios seeking growth in a low-growth world Markets for life science tools/diagnostics is nearly $US100 billion per annum.

Insync continues to increase the fund’s exposure to global healthcare

31 August 2015 –  Medtronics is extremely well diversified across different products in cardiology, general surgery, vascular, neurology, spine, and diabetes markets.

Why the world’s most profitable beer company should be part of your portfolio

17 June 2015 – Producing a $1 billion in annual sales, the largest beer company in the world has six of the ten most valuable beer brands in the world.

The pharmaceutical sector continues to be under appreciated

9 February 2015 – Consolidation among the big pharmaceutical companies will lead to a rationalisation of their drug portfolios which should lead to increased free cash flow.

Microsoft: Many good reasons to buy this stock; many might buy for the wrong reasons

20 November 2014 – Microsoft is wrongly viewed as a consumer technology play, its all about supporting enterprise level businesses where interconnectedness matters.