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Insync Funds Management Appoints Portfolio Manager John Lobb

John Lobb

Insync Funds Management is pleased to announce the appointment of John Lobb as portfolio manager within the investment team.

John has over 25 years of analytical and portfolio management experience. Previously he had worked at Bankers Trust Australia, Citigroup Global Asset Management, Credit Suisse Global Asset Management and Orion Asset Management.

Monik Kotecha, Chief Investment Officer at Insync commented that “John has an outstanding track record and was an integral part of a successful investment team at Orion which raised and managed A$6.5 billion in funds under management.”

“He shares a similar philosophy to ours of investing in high quality businesses that are benefitting from global megatrends combined with the active management of downside risk.”

Monik and John agree that downside protection is becoming more critical to manage both longevity and sequential risk as the demographics profile of the Australian population is moving towards retirement.

John will be working with Monik in the management of the Global Titans portfolios.

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Monik Kotecha

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Originally published 22 March 2017.

About Monik Kotecha

Monik Kotecha is the chief investment officer at Insync Fund Managers which invests in highly profitable companies that are benefitting from global megatrends.

He has worked in London, New York and Sydney. He spent over 7 years as a Senior Portfolio Manager at Investors Mutual Limited, 5 years with BT Funds Management Limited and 3 years with the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority.

Monik has considerable hedging and currency risk experience.

About Insync Fund Managers

Insync manages a concentrated, large cap global equity fund incorporating downside protection strategies and active currency management.

The fund is managed conservatively, with an absolute return focus, given that the key to compounding strong long term returns is to minimise drawdowns.

The stocks that Insync focuses on are exceptional global businesses with high returns on invested capital, strong free cash flow generation, solid balance sheets and a track record of returning cash to shareholders through growing dividends and/or share buy-backs.

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