“insync with you and your future”

Our Fund Vision

Insync is focused on delivering consistent returns with active management of downside risk and exchange rate risk. The insync?team searches the world for exceptional companies capable of consistently growing earnings and delivering shareholder returns through dividends and buybacks that are trading below their underlying value.



  • We believe that only a?small number of companies are truly exceptional, therefore we focus on?companies with high returns on invested capital and consistent growth in dividends.
  • Our experience and knowledge shows us that analysts are poor at forecasting earnings, especially for cyclical companies, so we?look for companies with consistent track records (e.g. global brands).
  • We have also seen that less volatile, high quality stocks outperform over time as they?fall less during downturns and win in the end, like the tortoise versus the hare.
  • Exceptional companies are often mispriced as the market underestimates the duration of their competitive advantage.