A forward looking process to future proof your wealth
In an increasingly complex and rapidly changing world, a forward looking investment process is required to identify the winners of tomorrow.  This requires identifying and assessing disruptors, global megatrends and building a portfolio from the subset of the most profitable and innovative companies.   

Global Disruption

The current pace of disruption is extraordinary. Significant demographic changes are converging with the digital transformation of the global economy. Incumbent businesses are struggling to adapt as the pace of change is both very abrupt and their businesses are not designed to respond to a remarkably fluid operating environment. Assessing disruption is at the core of Insync’s investment process in order to identify both the winners and losers of tomorrow.

Global Megatrends

Global megatrends are seismic shifts in demand which are powerful in magnitude and enduring in duration.  They result from a convergence of different underlying trends including technology, innovation, demographics, social attitudes and lifestyles. In a rapidly changing global environment, megatrend analysis is critical for companies seeking to drive sustainable growth and remain relevant as competition increases and new ideas disrupt entire industries. Correctly identifying global megatrends provides important tailwinds to individual stocks and sectors. It provides a runway of assured growth for companies benefitting from them. At Insync we seek to identify companies on the most attractive part of the megatrend curve.


Whilst focusing on global disruption and megatrends are at the core of Insync’s investment approach, investing in the most profitable companies and correctly valuing these businesses is critical to both generating strong investment returns and managing downside risk. The cornerstone of our valuation process is assessing the drivers of return on invested capital (ROIC). Our focus is identifying and valuing businesses with the highest future ROIC that are supported by global megatrends and beneficiaries of global disruption. We have developed a proprietary valuation approach to capture future profitable growth.