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A forward looking process to

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Our Funds

Insync believes that investing in a concentrated portfolio of high-quality companies with long 'runways' of growth leads to superior returns over time. Finding these companies is a difficult but achievable task.

Which Companies

We apply a disciplined, multi-faceted stock selection process to assemble what we consider to be the most exceptional of stock opportunities for investors looking forward from around the world. They must also benefit from one or more of our Global Megatrends. They add additional 'tailwinds' for these same companies to benefit from over long periods of time. 

Click on this same link to view examples of actual companies we have invested in.


Managing Risk

We view this as just as important as finding the right stocks; and so we actively manage many of the downside market risks that our investors are faced with. For those also wanting additional downside protection from sudden, sharp and significant market related falls, the Global Capital Aware Fund provides an opportunity to protect your fund balance in such events.


Your Choices

Insync offers investors two funds, both investing in the same stocks in the same proportions in the same way. The difference is the use of Put Options in the Capital Aware Fund, attracting a higher fee and cost. 

Unit Prices

Basic Fund Facts

Global Capital Aware Fund Unit Prices 

Global Quality Equity Fund Unit Prices

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