About Insync Global Equity Funds

Insync believes that investing in a concentrated portfolio of high quality companies with a long runway of growth opportunities will lead to superior returns over time. They do this through stock selection from a select pool of global companies which they consider exceptional and benefiting from global megatrends. Combining this with active management of downside market risks, Insync also seeks to enhance portfolio protection during significant equity market falls.

Insync offers investors two funds:

  • Insync Global Capital Aware Fund

  • Insync Global Quality Equity Fund

The Global Capital Aware Fund was established in 2009 and seeks to outperform the market over rolling 5 year periods, while providing defensive qualities during severe market falls, so as to produce a highly beneficial result to investors over a full market cycle. The Insync Global Capital Aware Fund utilises Put Options as a means of providing an additional buffer against the depth and duration of major market falls. Their utilisation in the fund adheres to a strict process  including when they are bought, held and sold and form part of our disciplined investment strategy. 

The Global Quality Equity Fund was established in July 2018 and utilises Insync's existing investment philosophy in a portfolio without Put Option Protection. As with the Capital Aware Fund the Global Quality Equity Fund seeks to outperform the market through the selection of high quality companies that are benefiting from long runways of growth through global megatrends.   


Global Capital Aware Fund Unit Prices 

Global Quality Equity Fund Unit Prices