• Growing your wealth

    Insync’s Global Titans Fund is designed to grow your wealth through a conservative, value-based approach to investing in large, liquid global companies with exceptional business franchises. We particularly like less cyclical, resilient companies that can consistently grow their dividends and earn high returns on invested capital.
  • Protecting your capital

    Insync invests with an absolute return focus by investing in a highly select group of undervalued, exceptional global companies and by actively managing market risk and exchange rate risk. By reducing the risk of absolute loss we believe the foundations are laid for successful long term investing.

Investing in Global Equities

Morningstar Category
Equity World Large Growth

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Our vision

Insync believes that a strong focus on capital preservation will lead to superior relative and absolute returns over time. We do this through conservative stock selection of exceptional global companies and active management of market risk and exchange rate risk.