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News & Views - SQM Research verdict on Insync Global Titans Fund

Insync Fund Managers’ Global Titans Fund has been awarded ‘Favourable’ Approved Investment Grade by SQM Research. The Insync Global Titans Fund aims to deliver global equity-like returns over rolling five year periods, whilst providing unique downside protection in severe market falls. Insync’s founder and CIO Monik Kotecha said the rating confirmed the company’s position in providing risk benefits for advisers in equity portfolio construction. “We are delighted to receive this rating. The benefits of our Quality style of equity investing and Megatrends approach combined with our downside protection feature is likely to deliver strong absolute returns over time,” Mr Kotecha explained. “Despite typical local market bias by most, we believe a bigger, brighter, less risky and more rewarding future lays outside our shores. Australia just isn’t positioned for the main game of holding tomorrows leading core industries and companies that will fuel future strong reliable economic growth and investor returns.” he said. “How we invest in these opportunities is crucial. The stocks we invest in must be able to endure cycles, changes and advances in technology without geographic bias. In other words, sustainable and focused on the longer term whilst also delivering superior investor returns today. Importantly, our investments must be able to be readily understood by our investors, be transparent and delivered at fair value.” The Global Titans Fund met its performance objective and posted a 16.60% return for the year to December 2017, +1.74% over the benchmark. This included the cost of the fund’s unique downside protection not found in other international fund offerings.

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