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A Bold Step Forward: Formalizing Our Partnership with Paradigm Shift

Insync Funds Management, a leader in investing in global megatrends, is excited to announce the formalization of our research partnership with Paradigm Shift, a renowned team specializing in key technological shifts shaping the world today.

This strategic alliance, which began two years ago, has now taken a significant step forward with Paradigm Shift's key members, Jackie Taranto and Gilad Grinbaum, operating directly from our offices.

Jackie Taranto, a seasoned business executive with over thirty years of experience, brings her expertise in technology, finance & investment, and more to our team. Jackie's unique ability to foster business collaboration and extract economic value from technology and talent aligns with our forward-thinking approach. Her extensive network across various industries and countries will further enhance our global market insights.

Gilad Grinbaum, an impassioned strategist with over 15 years of experience in emerging technologies, complements Jackie's expertise. Educated as an electrical, computer, and PV engineer, Gilad has worked in four continents focusing on paradigm-shifting tech, including crypto & blockchain, smart cities, and advanced manufacturing, to name a few. Gilad's deep understanding of global trends and geopolitical developments will help shape our strategies and inform our investment decisions.

With the strengthening of our strategic alliance with Paradigm Shift, we are reinforcing our commitment to staying ahead of the curve and ensuring the best outcomes for our clients.

"While this move represents an evolution, our core investment philosophy and commitment to delivering optimal performance remain unaltered," says Monik Kotecha, Chief Investment Officer. "This partnership strengthens our ability to navigate the rapidly evolving market landscape while adhering to our consistent and systematic investment process."

At Insync, we are excited about the opportunities this partnership brings. We look forward to harnessing the insights and expertise of Jackie and Gilad as we continue to deliver exceptional results for our clients.


About Paradigm Shift – Paradigm Shift is a venture capital manager providing a fresh approach to venture capital. They offer thoughtful wholesale investors an outstanding range of investment opportunities that they believe won’t just move to a future defined but will move the future itself. Focus areas include businesses that are delivering breakthroughs in Cleantech, Energy, Foodtech, Agritech, Synthetic Biology, Quantum Computing and Space Tech.

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